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Free Download: New Year’s Reminders

January 7, 2014

NOT resolutions! I think calling anything a New Year’s resolution is asking for failure. I just wanted to make a fun and colorful little reminder for myself about how I want to live a happier life. I made it into a perfect size for my iPhone lock screen so I can see it and be reminded of these principles all the time (the big white space at the top allows me to still see the time easily), and I thought I’d share it for anyone else who could use a daily reminder! I also made a 4×6″ one for you if you just want to print it out and keep it at your desk or on your fridge. Please feel free to download for personal use (click on the images to get the full-size versions).

iPhone lock screen version:

2014 reminders_iphone lockscreen

4×6 print version:

2014 reminders_4x6

© Kristen Sweeney 2014

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