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101 List Update

October 9, 2013

I haven’t been very interested in writing here lately. I don’t know what that’s about. I’ve been making a conscious effort to spend more time doing things in real life and less time on the internet, including sharing real life activities via social media, so that probably has something to do with it. I have to say, it’s been nice to kind of check out from social media. Now when I use it, I try for it to be light-hearted, fun or funny, or sharing something I really think is worth sharing, with people I actually want to be in touch with. It’s so much better now!

I think it also has to do with our upcoming vacation, and I just have Disney on the brain! But I don’t want to write endless Disney posts here. No one is interested in that! So I haven’t been updating.

But I’m six months into my new 101 list, so I thought this would be a good time for a progress report on that. I’ve crossed off 18 things already (!) and I have 16 more things “in progress.”

Completed items:

  • Get a DSLR – this was my 30th birthday gift from my husband. Used, because that’s what our budget could afford, but it’s still way better than just an iphone camera.
  • Complete seven goals in a week, which included:
  1. Tour Shofuso House Shofuso House
  2. Visit Bartram’s Gardens Bartram's Gardens
  3. Organize books by genre
  4. Participate in Delaware Fun-A-Day DE Fun-A-Day
  5. Pay for the person behind me
  6. Start an herb garden
  7. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle Puzzle
  • Play Stratego with my husband (he won, his first time ever playing!)
  • Discover a new brunch place in the city – we went to Industry Bar in June, and it was so delicious
  • Order the chef’s tasting menu – did this when we went out for sushi for my birthday. I think ordering the chef’s menu is a great way to try new kinds of sushi!
  • Finish the living room — items that needed to be done for this to be considered complete were, patching and sanding, painting of trim, ceiling and walls, move in new furniture, hanging photos and art on the walls, and purchasing and installing window blinds. It’s technically not 100% complete (I have a couple of more pieces of art I want to hang), but I think if a stranger walked into the room they wouldn’t know it, so that counts in my mind.
  • Refurb and hang my type tray – I originally planned to use it for jewelry but then decided it was more suited to nail polish. I love having all my colors easy to see and find! Type Tray
  • Try out DVDs organized by genre – I think we like it! They’ve been by genre (instead of alphabetical) for a few months now, and it works well. I like that if I feel like a comedy, it’s much easier to find the comedies all grouped together now.
  • Make friendship bracelets with my little cousin – this was really fun, and I wore my bracelet a lot this summer. And she’s not so little anymore!
  • Foster again – this happened accidentally, which I think was the only way it was going to happen. H found two kittens in his office parking lot, so we took them in until we could find a rescue that would find them proper homes. It was nice having kittens around again. If our cats were more amenable to it, I would foster all the time. Sunday Daily
  • Put money in someone’s expired parking meter
  • Find and attend a local Native American festival – I used to go to one with my family as a kid and I always really enjoyed it, which is how it got on the list this year. I found the Roasting Ears of Corn Festival at the Museum of Indian Culture near Allentown, PA. We had a great time and plan to go again next year.

That’s all for now! I hope to be more active here now that I’ve gotten the ball rolling. See ya real soon! (Disney creeps in yet again!)

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