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My Own Little Corner

March 4, 2013

I have always wanted a makeup table, and I finally got one! I had only a little space to work with, next to our bed in our bedroom, so I needed something small. I finally found the right piece at Home Goods, but it was plain white, which was not what I wanted. Thanks to the overwhelming amount of time I spend in the internet, I knew I could just paint it to be exactly what I wanted.

Here’s how it started:

white vanity

And here it is all painted and pretty. I used a hunter green because I really wanted to paint our living room that color, but it would have made it look like a cave. So I used it here to get it out of my system.

green table 2

green table 1

And I used a simple gold leaf paint from the craft store on the details. I purposely did it a little rough and not perfectly so it would look like I found it in the thrift shop this way. Except for the shiny new finish on the green paint.


Isn’t that little print so sweet? The colors fit perfectly in our bedroom, and it’s actually a greeting card I found at Trader Joe’s. I love it!

I found the gray velvet storage ottoman I’m using as a stool on Target’s website for a great price. I’m keeping all my rarely used clutch bags in the storage part of it.

storage ottoman

I’m really happy with the whole situation, and now all my makeup has its own designated place, which is going a long way to helping my dresser top not look like a Sephora threw up on it. Progress, yay!

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