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#21 – 100 Things That Make Me Happy (67-100)

February 7, 2013

67. Spring breezes

68. Wildflowers

69. Fireflies

70. Street fairs

71. Farmer’s markets

72. Kohr Brother’s strawberry banana swirl with rainbow jimmies

73. String lights over city streets

74. The library (any library)

75. Ferris wheels, especially on warm summer nights

76. Hammocks

77. Getting it right the first time

78. The smell of the beach

79. Tidepools

80. Fresh paint

81. Sparklers

82. Mini golf holes in one

83. The smell of a charcoal grill

84. Brackets & ampersands

85. Rainbow colors

wedding gazebo

Colorful paper flowers decorating our wedding gazebo

86. Sparkly nail polish

87. Random acts of kindness

88. Christmas songs

89. When Bigby goes crazy

90. My favorite coffee mugs

91. Patterned tights

92. Old books

93. Finishing a project

94. Using something I packed for “just in case”

95. Friendly, happy sales or service people

96. A joy happening in the life of one of my loved ones

97. Seeing my husband interact with children so naturally

98. When the radio plays the perfect amount of awesome songs to get me home without minding my long commute

99. Putting on clothes fresh out of the dryer in winter

100. Waking up and realizing I have more time to sleep

and one more for good luck:

101. Any memory from my wedding!


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