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February 4, 2013

As my 1001 days winds down, I’ve decided to give up the goat of some of my goals that are just not going to get crossed off. Here they are, and why:

  1. Watch AFI’s 100 Greatest Films: I made it through quite a few, but the list is hefty, in quantity and content, and it’s tough to get through. I’m still interested in viewing the majority of these, but 1001 days, while it sounds like a ton of time, is a short time for a busy person who has a tendency to fall asleep on the couch if the movie isn’t action-packed.
  2. Replace the donut in the car with a real spare tire. I think I’ve come to realize that maybe there’s a reason cars don’t just come with a spare tire anymore. You can’t just throw on a tire and call it good to go, it has to be aligned and balanced and all that, so I think it’s best to stick with the donut and go to professionals to get the tire replaced when necessary.
  3. Visit four ballparks/six zoos/all Philly tourist destinations/wear a fancy hat to a Triple Crown race/see the Lion King. Shit costs money. And especially with the wedding saving and planning, it was hard to travel/spend just to fulfill some list item. I still hope to do all of these things someday, but putting a time deadline on them isn’t going to work out.
  4. Run a 5k/maintain a healthy weight/stretch every day. Can’t say I’m not a little disappointed about the healthy weight thing, but my shins have pretty much said NO to running, and I know stretching would help, but stretching is boring and takes a lot of time. Oh well. I’m still working on working out consistently, and I hope I can get back to a point where running is feasible for me.
  5. Pay off my debt/start a retirement fund.  I don’t even know why I put these on the list? I guess I was excited that paying off my car was in sight, and I did do that. But my student loan schedule was never going to permit me to finish in the 1001 days. The credit card debt, though I suppose it technically was possible, it wasn’t realistic with the wedding. I am proud to say that I didn’t ADD anything to the debt throughout the wedding process.
  6. Photograph a landscape in all four seasons. Procrastination/inspiration fail. I couldn’t find a landscape I liked enough to photograph that was also accessible to be easily photographed four times in a year, and I honestly didn’t try all that hard.
  7. See a falling star. Did you know that if you want to see a falling star you either have to get up or stay up til 2 or 3 in the morning? Yeah…probably never going to see a falling star that way.
  8. Take the bf (now H) camping. He was never all that into the idea, and time got away from me. I still hope to do this someday with him, as I have many happy memories of camping both as a child and as an adult. It can be fun people!
  9. Pumpkin picking. Ditto. We did apples and strawberries, but never got around to the pumpkins. Mostly because it’s just so much easier to pop around the corner to our local church and buy them at the huge fundraiser they have annually.
  10. Get a bicycle and ride with the bf. He pretty much stopped riding when we moved, and my interest in riding was pretty much limited to wanting to spend more time with him. Now that we have a dog, we usually prefer to take him for a hike instead.
  11. Write all my recipes on index cards. I started this and when my hand started cramping I thought, “Why am I doing this?” They are perfectly usable on the print outs that I currently use.
  12. Wear all my fancy shoes. Fancy shoes are uncomfortable. I prefer to save them for fancy occasions, of which we just don’t have that many anymore. At least not any that I’m willing to sacrifice the feeling in my toes for.
  13. Increase upper body strength to the point where I can shoot a 9mm without pulling up. HA! As H said as soon as I put that on the list 944 days ago, that is ridiculous. I will never be able to do that, and I shouldn’t feel bad about it. Though I do intend to work harder on my upper body strength going forward.

20 things that I definitely will not be completing, out of 101. There could be more by the end, these are just the ones that I know without a doubt I won’t even attempt to finish in the next 57 days. What do you think? Terrible? Reasonable? Honestly, I’m just proud of myself that I don’t really care all that much. That’s good news for someone like me—the list did not take over my life, and I’m better for what I did complete, but no worse off for what I didn’t. Good for me!

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