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Review: Go Picnic Black Bean Dip & Plantain Chips Meal

January 9, 2013

Go Picnic Black Bean Dip Ready to Eat Meal

I saw these neat little ready-to-eat meals in a box at the movie theater recently, and I thought they looked interesting, but also, meal in a box? No, thank you. Then I saw them again at Target and they had even more varieties. I was intrigued and decided to throw one in the cart on a whim (as one tends to do at Target) and see if it was any good. I had very low expectations. Here’s my train of thought while eating it:

Go Picnic Black Bean Dip Ready to Eat Meal Contents

  • Black bean dip: This doesn’t look particularly appetizing. Needs a stir. There we go. Hey, it’s actually pretty tasty. Good black bean flavor, doesn’t taste shelf-stable, a smidge spicy. A little too citrus-y for my taste.
  • Plantain chips: Crispy and not greasy at all. Good accompaniment to the dip. Sturdy enough to actually dip, and serve as the stirrer I needed earlier too.
  • Edamame, pepita & watermelon seed blend: That’s an interesting blend, I’ve never purposely eaten watermelon seeds before. VERY satisfyingly crunchy. The roasted edamame is by far the overwhelming flavor, and that’s not a bad thing. Perfect amount of salt—enough to add flavor, but not enough to make you concerned for your daily salt intake. How much salt is in this meal anyway? …450 mg. Not exceptionally low, but pretty good. Oooh, the individual items each have their own nutritional facts as well, that’s nifty. The seed blend has 70 mgs of sodium in it.
  • Fruit and nut mix: It has ginger peanuts, cranberries and banana chips in it. I could have done without the banana chips, as I just had the plantain chips, but it’s not bad. I like the ginger peanuts very much. If you just eat it as a handful, that’s the thing you taste. Also perfectly salty and sweet. 35 mgs of sodium in this packet. 8g of sugar, that seems like a lot for a couple of handfuls of trail mix. Yummy though.
  • Dark chocolate with orange: I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate with orange flavor, but this two-bite disk is a good amount. And a nice finish to the meal. The chocolate seems pretty high quality, in that it’s smooth, and the orange flavor is subtle.

Did it fill me up? Shockingly, after I was finished, I actually did feel full. The box is so tiny, I did not think I would feel full at all. And I felt the good kind of full, the I-just-ate-a-healthy-meal full, not ugh-double-cheeseburger-you-are-so-good-but-now-I-feel-sick full. I ate the meal between 12:30 – 12:45 at work. I had my usual breakfast of two cups of coffee and a Nutri-Grain bar. (Did you know they have pretty much the identical nutritional values as the Kashi Cereal Bars? And you get more bars for less money, so I’m sticking with Nutri-Grain.) I didn’t really feel hungry again for several hours. Very impressed.

Overall thoughts: Delicious! Not what I was expecting from a boxed ready-to-eat meal at all. And I’m pretty pleased that I felt full after eating it, qualifying it as a true meal, not just a snack calling itself a meal. I would definitely buy this again, and if I was hungry and needed food from the concession stand at the movies, I would even pay their inflated prices for it (though to be fair, I don’t remember what the theater was charging and if it was inflated. I paid $3 for it at Target). Though it might be a bit tricky to deal with the chips and dip in the dark and on your lap. Plus, you get a fun fact on the inside of the box! Plus a sudoku puzzle, but those aren’t really my thing. Fun facts most definitely are though!

Go Picnic Black Bean Dip Ready to Eat Meal Inside

Final grade on the Taco Bell Scale of Satisfaction: 5 out of 5 – Nachos Bell Grande

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