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#44 – Grow Something from Seed

November 8, 2012

Needless to say, the list and the blog as a whole got put on hold during wedding planning. I just didn’t have the time/energy to devote to planning, plus my full-time job, plus keeping up with my regular life, plus blogging. But now the wedding is over, and I’m really feeling excited and motivated to get back into my list. It started out as a way to stop focusing on the bad parts of my life, and, as the bad things have faded away, it’s grown and developed into a fun way to stay active and experience new things. I can’t believe that this list will come to an end in six short months. I fully plan on starting a new 101 list then!

What better to post as I realize how the motives behind my list have matured than about the garden I planted this summer. Allegory, anyone? I had actually completely forgotten that this was an item on my list, which made it all the more enjoyable — although had I remembered, I surely would have taken more photos.

It started with wanting to fix up the area around our deck. Previously, there was a room in that space, which was not in good shape, so it was torn down and a small deck was built in it’s place. However, the room  was slightly larger than the new deck, and it had two entrances, and therefore two areas of patio stones. The new deck stairs didn’t quite reach the patio stones on one side, and there were completely unnecessary patio stones on the opposite side. So we decided to bring those stones over to extend the patio to reach the stairs.

Backyard Progress

With that being worked on, we realized there were  a bunch of bricks buried around the deck as well. So while my husband worked on the patio area, I dug out the bricks and created a garden border on the third side of the deck. I was really proud of how it turned out! And once we had a garden border, what else to do but plant a garden?

We started out with some snap dragons that were already blooming, some seedlings that our friends were so kind to gift to us, and then I just scattered a bunch of seeds randomly throughout the space, both vegetable and flower.

Bean Sprouts

No one was more surprised than me when the seeds started sprouting! I was more excited about it than I thought I would be. I wish I had a photo of the garden in it’s full glory, but I can’t seem to find one.

Growing! Shows the addition of a chicken wire fence to keep George the groundhog out.

We planted morning glories, zinnias, tomatoes, beans, squash, pumpkin, bell peppers, sage, basil, strawberries, mesclun greens and more that I can’t even remember. The squash took over, so I think if we plant that again it will have it’s own space. The bell peppers, tomatoes and the herbs were a success. The strawberries and greens seemed to get choked out by the squash. The morning glories took over the deck. I love them, but next year I will definitely do a better job of keeping them in check!

Morning Glories from the deck side, best photo I seem to have. You can kind of see the zinnias creeping taller in the background as well.

I didn’t grow any of these from seed, but I really loved how beautiful our deck looked this summer. I lived in a north facing apartment before, and was never able to keep plants alive. These bloomed all summer! It was lovely.

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