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Wedding Favors

November 7, 2012

{This post was originally published on Going to the Chapel on October 4, 2012. I’m moving all (16, lame!) of those posts over to my regular blog, slowly but surely!}

Wedding favors can get pretty controversial. A lot of people think they are a waste of time and money. Others think edible favors are the only way to go. In most cases I am in the second camp — I’d much rather have a little box of chocolates than anything with the bride and groom’s wedding monogram and date on it. Love you guys, but hey, what am I really going to do with a champagne flute with *your* name on it? Some exceptions are a Christmas ornament from my cousins, that has their names on it and I love hanging it on the Christmas tree because it reminds me of their wedding. Bonus, I don’t feel obligated to have it out on display all year round since it’s a holiday item. Another lovely non-edible favor I received was a pretty little cheese knife that only had  a tag on it saying, “Spread the Love”. Adorable!

I’m honestly not sure how our favors will be received, but I love them because I think they are useful, and they have personal meaning to us. Torin and I spent several years dancing around dating, and one of the ways we flirted and got to know each other was talking about books — our favorites, our current reads, and book fads. I loved these conversations. So we decided to go out to thrift stores and find books, both classics and modern day best sellers that are sure to be on reading lists in the future, recover them in fancy fabrics and papers, label them, and make custom bookmarks to go with them for each of our guests.

First we covered each book in newsprint to make sure that no old cover art would show through the new fabric covers. Then we put on the fabric covers, let them dry, put on the new labels, let them dry again, tied them with pretty twine and added the bookmark with a mini clothespin to keep it in place. These will already be on the tables at the wedding and function as place cards as well. It took us many, many hours of labor, but it was a labor of love. I love these books, a lot of them equally for their content as for their new pretty facelifts, and I hope our guests love them too!

Update: Obviously, I didn’t post this til after the wedding. I had it written, and never hit publish! Our guests LOVED the favors. Everyone was asking each other, “what book did you get?” so it had a level of interaction I didn’t expect, and everyone gave us positive feedback. Yay!

Newsprint cover
Stacks waiting to be glued
Labeled books
Completed favor and placecard in one
Glitter clothespin detail
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