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DIY Peg Doll Cake Toppers

November 5, 2012

{This post was originally published on Going to the Chapel on September 4, 2012. I’m moving all (16, lame!) of those posts over to my regular blog, slowly but surely!}

 This is a project that started out small and just kept growing because I had so much fun with it. I had found these peg doll Dios de los Muertos cake toppers on Etsy and I loved them, but as usual it was crazy expensive. The custom peg doll cake toppers on Etsy are averaging $65-80 each. A few are less, a lot were more, it just seemed crazy to me. As is also usual, I thought, “I can do that!” This time, I was right!

I purchased a blank set of peg dolls on Etsy (I couldn’t find them at any of my local craft stores) and went to town. I sketched first, and then painted, pretty simple. Finish them up with a coating of clear spray varnish to protect the paint.

I started with the Day of the Dead dolls, and loved them so much I wanted to make more. So I consulted with Torin, he gave me a couple of requests, I added a couple of ideas of my own, and this is what we ended up with. Only the “family” version will actually be on a cake, the rest we will scatter around the dessert buffet as some whimsical decor. These were so fun and easy to make I think I may add a new set for our anniversaries! We’ll have a little peg doll bride and groom collection.

Us with Pickle, Goose and Bigby
Dios de los Muertos Topper
Link and Zelda Topper

Link and Zelda Topper with Shield Detail

Star Wars Topper

Our Favorite – Zombies Topper
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