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Got the Dress!

October 26, 2012

{This post was originally published on Going to the Chapel on January 24, 2012. I’m moving all (16, lame!) of those posts over to my regular blog, slowly but surely!}

Dress shopping was an experience. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I was pretty much expecting the worst — bra, swimsuit and jeans shopping all rolled into one. And while some of my fears were valid (that nothing would fit me), most were ridiculous (that the sales ladies would make me feel fat and awful because nothing fit me). The consultants were all really nice and seemed like they dealt with the dresses not fitting girls all the time — after all, they are sample sizes (i.e. model sizes). Some of them even had special tools to help the dress look like it fit, which was pretty awesome. Which leads me to a bit of advice: If you are very strong, and you know you can say no to dresses that aren’t in your budget, go to a fancy bridal salon. Everything there is nicer! The consultants, the dresses, the dressing room, the mirror area, everything. I didn’t go anywhere so fancy that they served me champagne or anything like that, but I definitely noticed a big difference between Main Line boutiques and bridal stores in my hometown of Newark, Delaware. And not all fancy boutiques will necessarily be out of your price range! I actually found my dress at (in my opinion) the nicest boutique we went to. They had very reasonable prices, and even if I hadn’t happened to fall in love with a discontinued, 50% off style, I think I could have found something there in my budget. They also had the least pushy consultants, the biggest dressing rooms, and the most spacious racks for dresses, which meant no wrestling them off the rack just to see what they looked like. It was great, and it was The Wedding Pavilion in Paoli, Pa.

I tried on So Many Dresses, that I really felt overwhelmed by the time I got to my dress. And we weren’t even done with our appointments yet! But when I put on the dress that became the one, the women I was with (my mother, my maid of honor, and her mother) all commented that I looked the most relaxed, comfortable, and myself in it. Then the consultant added a gorgeous floral sash, and I knew it was going to be a hard one to beat. But still, I kept my other appointments through the weekend to be sure, thought about it, and decided to go back to The Wedding Pavilion on Monday to try the dress on again. As soon as it was on, I felt what most brides say they feel when they find The Dress — certainty! And giddiness! This was definitely it, the dress I was going to be married in, and dance with my husband in. I loved it and purchased it on the spot!

I’m not feeling like it’s a big deal to share what it looks like, since it really looks completely different on me than it does on the model. So here it is!

And now it’s time to start thinking about accessories. I’m completely undecided on a veil right now, but I want to make a floral sash like the one I tried on with the dress (that, unfortunately, almost cost as much as the dress itself, so DIY is the way to go here) and I’m thinking about some colorful shoe options!

I really like these shoes. They incorporate my gold glitter, and could be my something blue:

Or maybe I should stick to what I’m comfortable in:

Soft waves and a big flower for my hair are under consideration:

This is the sash I love, and it’s available at The Wedding Pavilion. It’s the Sara Gabriel Paige sash:

And I think a bouquet like this will be lovely:

Now it’s time to get back to stressing out over a caterer!

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