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Dress Shopping Prep

October 25, 2012

{This post was originally published on Going to the Chapel on January 18, 2012. I’m moving all (16, lame!) of those posts over to my regular blog, slowly but surely!}

I’m going dress shopping this weekend, and being a planner of course I read a lot about what to expect. I knew to bring pictures of dresses I liked, but some of the other things to bring I never thought of! Here is what I’ll be bringing with me:

Wedding Dress Shopping Must Haves
Wedding Dress Shopping Must Haves by kayemgi 


Theia wedding dress
£396 –

Victoria s Secret padded bra
$40 –

Victoria s secret
$12 –

T KEES flip flop shoes
$39 –

Ivanka Trump patent leather pumps
$125 –
  1. A multi-way bra in a light color. This way, you can try on everything from strapless to one shoulder and if you’re shy you won’t have to change your bra in front of the attendant.
  2. Again, if you’re shy, or even a little modest, wear a pair of cute, light colored, opaque undies. You don’t want a bright blue bottom or pink polka dots showing through the skirt of the Monique Lhuillier you’re showing off to your mom and maid of honor.
  3. A variety of shoes. Unless you already have the shoes you want to wear picked out, or if you have a pretty good idea of the style of shoe you want to wear. I just can’t decide, so I want to get an idea of what style of shoe goes with the dress I end up liking the best. If it’s a straight column dress, perhaps fancy heels won’t be the way to go, and flip flops certainly don’t go with a ball gown style dress. This way, I have a really good idea of what kind of shoe I like so after I pick my dress I can start the real fun — shoe shopping!
  4. Done hair. Everything I read said that wedding dress shopping is not like regular shopping, and a lot of brides go to try on dresses with their hair in a pony and no make up and then they feel ridiculous in a fancy gown. The best way to get a good idea of how you’ll actually look in the dress is to do something nice with your hair, and if you where it down, bring a clip to pin it up in case you try on a dress that needs an updo.
  5. Made-up face: Ditto above. Wedding dresses are (typically) white. Do your make up a little fancier than you normally would so you feel good about yourself and you don’t feel washed out when you look in the mirror. But be careful not to get makeup on the dresses when trying them on! You don’t want to ruin a dress for the next girl.
  6. Dress ideas. The most obvious one. Do a little looking around in magazines or online and bring in pictures of anything that strikes your fancy. This will help give the salespeople and your helpers an idea of the direction you want to go in, so you don’t end up trying on dresses that you wouldn’t be caught dead in.
A few other things to bring:
  1. Your budget. Don’t let the salespeople bring you dresses you can’t afford, unless you feel fairly confident that you can find a pre-owned version online or in a consignment shop.
  2. Open expectations. Try on a few things that you like but don’t love on the hanger. Sometimes the dress you least expect turns out to be the one!
  3. Confidence and assertiveness. I read a LOT of horror stories about bridal boutiques that were awful the brides trying on dresses — they were ignored, talked down to, insulted, or made to feel less than beautiful. I’m hopeful that my experience won’t be this way, but if any of these things were to happen to me, I’m fully prepared to walk out of the shop. There are a plethora of boutiques out there, plus an online marketplace at our fingertips. Do not allow anyone to make you feel less than, or that you would be lucky to work with them. THEY would be lucky to work with YOU. Remember it.


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