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Stocking Stuffers

November 30, 2011

Stockings by sunshinedaydream4u on Etsy

Do you use those stockings you hang by the chimney with care? I think a lot of people skip this  tradition, but finding little treats for the stockings is one of my favorite parts of the holiday. Here are some ideas for you!

Candy: Who doesn’t love candy? Some holiday themed Hershey’s Kisses are always sweet, or Reese’s Peanut Butter Christmas Trees are a favorite in our house.

iTunes Gift Card: Even $5 is a great amount for iTunes.

Gloves: You know those cheapie one-size-fits-all gloves you can find for $2 for 2 pairs at Target? Those. I guess they don’t sell them online because they are so cheap. But they are perfect to keep in your jacket pocket, car or purse for when you forget the good gloves! Or, if you’re like me, you have 10 pairs of these and you wear them all the time.


Chapstick or Lip Balm: Men, listen up! Your lady can never get too much lip stuff. Check out her purse, see what kind she uses, get her some. She’ll love you for being so thoughtful.


Fancy Hot Chocolate: It’s the kind of thing people don’t buy for themselves, but they really enjoy it. You can usually find these Ghirardelli single serving packets at your local grocery store.

Nail Polish: You can find these cute gift sets pretty much anywhere this time of year, from Ulta to Gap to CVS.


Lotto Tickets: If they win millions, they totally have to share with you.

Pennsylvania Lottery

Mini Swiss Army Knife: I keep one of these in my purse, one in the office and one in the car. These are awesome and everyone needs one/


Mini Puzzle Books: Pocket Posh makes crossword, jumble, sudoku and lots of other kinds of puzzle books, they’re super cute and they fit in your pocket or purse. Perfect for when you get stuck waiting at the doctor’s office or the power goes out at work.


Fingertip Flashlights: Great for when your guy or gal is doing some work in a tight corner or dark space and they don’t have a spare hand to hold a flashlight.

Restoration Hardware

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener: Vintage appeal and you’ll never lose it.

LOVE Ornament: Perfect for your favorite Philadelphian, or just someone you love.

Urban Outfitters

Reusable Shopping Bags: Keep them in your car and use them at the grocery store, the mall, the farmer’s market, anywhere!

Origami Sticky Notes: A fun way to keep boredom away at work

Think Geek

Toe Warmers: If you have a perpetually cold mate, they’ll really love these.


Fingerprint Bookmark: This is great for the before bed reader. You know, the one who falls asleep mid-sentence. Now they can remember exactly where they left off.

Mini Perfume: Don’t know what’s your lady’s favorite scent? Get a sample size — maybe she’ll discover she loves something new!

Victoria’s Secret

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  1. November 30, 2011 4:06 pm

    My mom stuffs my stocking with socks and Chapstick every year!

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