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Progress Report

November 15, 2011

I keep thinking I’m going to do individual posts for all of these things, but clearly I am not. So here’s an update of where the list stands!

#4 – Visit four ballparks I haven’t yet – We went to Walter S. Frawley stadium for a Blue Rocks game over the summer. It’s possible I went there as a kid, but I don’t remember it so it doesn’t count!

#7 – Adopt a dog into our family – Completed!

#9 – Try 50 different kinds of alcohols/liquors/wines – Completed!

#12 – Shoot more video – Been trying to do this more often, if you want to see any videos, here is my You Tube channel.

#13 – Read at least 10 of Time’s 100 Greatest Novels – I recently read Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie, Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold by John le Carre and Beloved by Toni Morrison. Two more to go.

#28 – Eat at 15 local restaurants – We went to dinner at Fork in Philadelphia, Nectar in Berwyn, and Ethios Cafe in West Philly.

#34 – Become more confident in my personal style – I feel pretty good about this one. I haven’t had a pull-all-my-clothes-out-of-the-closet session while trying to get dressed in quite awhile. I’m recognizing that while I don’t like to dress up every day, I do like to look like I put some thought into how I look. I’ve been wearing pieces of my scads of jewelry more often, wearing a wider variety of shoes, and just generally dressing up my jeans/long-sleeve tee uniform a little bit.

#38 – Complete five of the projects I’ve started and never finished or bought the materials for and never started – I did two of these: Replaced the landing floor and finished the bathroom painting/tub caulking in the old apartment. Too bad I can’t enjoy them anymore!

#43 – Train at least one of the kittys to do a dog-like trick – We taught Goose to “shake” or “high-five” for treats. It’s super cute, and he does it now to try and get treats even when we aren’t offering him any!

#46 – Try Ethiopian food – We went to Ethios Cafe with a Groupon deal over the summer, and I’m disappointed to say it didn’t agree with us. But that’s the point of trying, now we know!

#57 – I think I’m pretty much giving up on this one. As I noted above, I am wearing a wider variety of shoes on a daily basis, but the shoes I picked for this list item are just not everyday shoes. Half of them I don’t even care for anymore. So yeah, I’m going to replace this with something else as soon as I think of something better!

#56 & 62 – Visit all the tourist destinations in Philadelphia that I haven’t yet – Over the summer we took a day to be tourists and visited Christ Church, Betsy Ross House and Elferth’s Alley. I had a great time!

#69 – Try ten new fruits and vegetables – I tried lychee while we were at Nectar. It was yummy!

#81 – Listen to ten new, full albums – I’ve purchased and listened to Adele’s 21, Foo Fighter’s Wasted Light, Rave On Buddy Holly (tribute album by various artists), and She & Him’s A Very She & Him Christmas. Love them all!

#86 – Cook or bake 50 new-to-me recipes – I made Chicken Tacos using homemade taco seasoning, Spinach Souffle, and Baked Apples. I promise to post the recipes soon!

#90 – We had a movie day in July, and the theme was animation. I honestly can’t remember what we watched besides Tangled, but I made a note that it happened, so it must have!

That’s all folks! Whew.

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