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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2011

Lots of goings on at Casa de All I Wanna Do!

We got engaged!

I was given a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, treated to a lovely wine and cheese picnic (indoors, because of rain), plus a decadent dessert, and then, finally, he brought out a bottle of champagne, got down on his knee (!) and proposed. Of course, I said yes! He picked out the ring and had it customized to be my two favorite things in a ring — a round cut center stone in a square setting. I love it soooo much!

We haven’t made much progress on wedding planning, but we’ve been busy. You know, we just moved, are trying to renovate the house, and then…

We got a dog!

Bigby is a retired racing greyhound. We adopted him from Greyhound Angels Adoption in New Jersey (they are amazing, if you live in the tristate area and you are interested in a greyhound, go talk to Ira. He’s so friendly, will really make you feel comfortable and answer all of your questions). We picked him because he only ran two races and his previous owners (who raced him) said it was clear he didn’t want to run. This means he doesn’t have a high chase drive, which is great for us since we have Pickle and Goose. He’s a shy boy, very afraid of strangers and loud noises (we didn’t know how much until we got him home) but we are hopeful that with love and time, this will improve. He tested cat-approved and is actually more scared of them than they are of him.

Don't worry, he's supposed to be that skinny.

He’s had a little trouble with doing his duty in the house, but I think we are making progress there, and each time he goes on a walk we see a tiny but noticeable improvement. Being a racing grey, he’s never been in a house before, never seen another dog besides greyhounds before, never seen cats before, never gone up and down stairs before, never been on a leash before, never done anything besides go potty outside his crate, and never been loved as much as we are going to love him. He has a lot to get used to! As do we. It’s definitely been a challenge so far, but we keep reminding ourselves that it hasn’t even been a week yet. In a month I’m hoping we’ll be amazed that he ever had these problems!

I also had such a productive weekend, I’m so proud. I made Bigby’s jacket that you see above (greys need a jacket under 40 degrees since they have pretty much no body fat to keep them warm), plus a fun spider cake for  a Halloween party (that we didn’t make it to because stupid weather had our power going on and off and This Old House was creating sparks when it came back on), a costume that I also didn’t get to wear, but at least it’s ready for next year, plus I’m super proud of my jack-o-lanterns this year! I’ve got a pretty good run going for the past several years — I’ve done a scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Gollum, an alien from Mars Attacks!, Conan, and this year I did two, a Harry and a Voldemort. I think they turned out pretty good! I’m really looking forward to trick-or-treaters tonight (it’s my favorite part of Halloween, and for the past five years I’ve been living in an apartment where I didn’t get any) and then BRING ON THE TURKEY!!

Our porch, decked out for Halloween

How fun is this cake?!

Happy Halloween!



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