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September 21, 2011

The old/new house is officially home, and it’s both better and worse than we thought it would be. The hot water heater was broken when we got there, but it’s already been replaced at no cost to us, thanks to our awesome landlords. The new carpet looks great, but definitely makes the walls look worse in comparison. The appliances in the kitchen look like crap on the outside, but they work beautifully. (The oven comes with a “power boost burner” that boils water for my tea so fast! It’s awesome!) After much, MUCH, deliberation about curtains in our bedroom, we finally decided that shades would be better, and we bought them, installed them, and are so in love with them that we plan to use them in most of the other rooms in the house!

Yes, our bed is on the floor until we can find a queen size bed frame that we like. It's like being in college again!

It was late, I didn't feel like staging the bed! The room is a mess anyway. But don't those windows look great?!

The upstairs shower, however, has rocketed to the top of our “must be replaced” list, thanks to an odd assortment of annoyances: It’s an old clawfoot tub, but instead of having a circular curtain rod, there are two curtain rods on each of the long sides. This makes you feel as though you are showering in a tiny plastic tunnel, while really not doing any good at all because water still escapes on the short sides, turning the floor into a giant puddle. The shower head is curved at a very odd and extreme angle, making it impossible to hang a shower caddy from it. A shower caddy can’t be hung on the interior curtain rod, because it’s too close to the wall, but on the convenient side of the outside curtain rod (i.e., away from the stream of water shooting at you), you can’t shut the bathroom door. So it has to be hung so you have to turn your face into the rushing water and reach up to get anything. Apart from those gems, the tub itself is a nightmare. It’s propped up on pieces of wood for some mysterious reason, which means a shorty like me practically needs a step ladder to get inside of it. The pipe is so old that it’s smaller than standard size, which means our nice new shower head can’t be used on it. And the old owners painted the outside of the tub, badly, bringing down it’s value for when we inevitably try to sell it to help finance the nice new shower we hope to install by January. Saaaaaad face. (Related: If you’re thinking of getting us a Christmas gift (or housewarming!), money to go towards a new shower would be greatly, greatly appreciated!!)

The plastic tunnel of a shower. Uggh just looking at it makes me frustrated! Note the weirdly angled shower head pipe.

Temporary location of the shower caddy, which prevents the door from being shut all the way, but at least I don't drown trying to get my shampoo.

But, other than that one nightmare, the rest of the house is livable, and we are slowly getting rooms cleaned and unpacked. I was even able to get rid of some big items left at the house (instead of hauling them to Goodwill) by just posting them on the “Free” section of craiglist. Someone just came and picked them up, I didn’t have to do any work at all! That website is sure to be my new best friend in the coming months. The kitties had a rough couple of days, but they seem to be adjusting and Torin (formerly known as “the bf,” I think we can drop that now that we’re into this huge commitment together!) even reported playfulness out of them this morning.

He got up but couldn't get back down. Typical cat.

We have a huge groundhog living in our backyard, which I spotted this morning in our neighbors yard sitting up on his hind legs and eating an apple in a most adorable manner. Once I start a garden, he’ll have to go, but for now I like seeing him from time to time.

Small town living is something I have fond memories of from childhood, and I’m excited that this seems to be just the kind of town I grew up in; holiday parades, seasonal festivals, church carnivals, and fireworks at the lake. I love that we can walk into “town” from our house, and see the fireworks from our porch. Day-to-day might be a little messy right now (we did just move five days ago) and the house itself may always be a work in progress, but I see our future here and it makes me so happy!

Here are some more in-progress photos. Definitely a long way to go, but getting there!

The guest room, where the kitties are enjoying sleeping, the office/exercise room/craft room, and the laundry room, all currently still huge disaster areas.

So. Gross. The inside of this corner hutch was GRAY with dirt. So that was the first thing to get a fresh cleaning and coat of paint on the inside, so I can start unpacking my precious wine glasses. It still needs cleaning of the glass and paint on the outside.

Ahh the kitchen. Not pretty yet, but clean and unpacked and functional. Yay!

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