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#1 – Movies

August 4, 2011

I’ve concluded that I really need to start taking notes as I’m watching these movies because not only do I not remember my thoughts a day later, I certainly don’t remember them a month later, which is about when I’m getting around to writing about them! But I’ll take a shot anyway. Spoilers abound, so if you want to be surprised about any of these pretty old movies, don’t keep reading.

Bridge on the River Kwai: During the movie I was a little bored at times, and I didn’t like how serious Obi-wan was being about that bridge being perfect when it was for the enemy and then of course pretty much everyone dies in the end, so that’s always depressing. But after letting it settle a bit, I did enjoy it and I’d watch it again.

Tootsie: Loved this one! Much more my speed, and I’m discovering a fondness for young Dustin Hoffman. I thought it was clever, and the cross-dressing, while comedic, never got too gimmicky. Dorothy Michaels was a believable woman, not like one of the “ladies” from White Chicks or even Some Like It Hot that are just completely ridiculous. I loved Jessica Lange’s character and I loved how they did the big reveal at the end and also that everything didn’t just magically work out to be ok. It was a great movie, well-balanced between comedy and drama.

It Happened One Night: This must have been one of the original romantic comedies. Of course you just knew from the beginning that Clark Gable would get the girl, but it was still fun getting there. I really liked this movie, and it was nice to finally see the film surrounding one of the more famous scenes in cinema, when Claudette Colbert pulls up her skirt to her knee to get a car to pull over when Clark’s hitchhiking thumb doesn’t do the trick.

Double Indemnity: I liked this one too, but less. You’re not supposed to like the two main characters, as they have an affair and plot to kill the woman’s husband, but it affected my opinion of the movie just the same. At least these two don’t get away with it, and the movies doesn’t try to brush over the adultery with the “but it’s ok because they’re soooo in loooove” defense, as so many do (hello, The English Patient? What a load of crap.) But their plot to get rid of the husband was interesting, and how it all goes wrong even more so.

All About Eve: Loved it. Bette Davis is gorgeous at any age, but it’s her smart personality that is so winning in this movie. I loved how she took Eve in, feeling sorry for her at first, then admiring her, then loathing her as Eve slowly takes over her life. But Margo (Bette) wins in the end, learning to appreciate her fiance and allowing Eve to become her own worst enemy. There was also a brief appearance by Marilyn Monroe in the movie, and gosh did she steal her scenes. I’ve seen a few movies that she starred in, but this is the only one where she took my breath away. Wonderful.

The Apartment: Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclaine, so young! So gorgeous! So charming! I just fell in love with Shirley in this movie. I’ve really only seen her newer films/older characters, and I liked her wise grandmother in In Her Shoes, the saucy grandmother in Rumor Has It…, and of course the sour Ouiser in Steel Magnolias. But I had never seen her earlier roles before, and she’s just lovely. I probably liked her more than the movie itself, but it was enjoyable just the same.

All the President’s Men: I don’t know why I thought this was an action movie, but it so wasn’t. And I had a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that they made a movie based on a book about a mystery that had already been solved. Where’s the suspense? But as the movie progressed (and the bf hit paused and explained it to me) I got it. And, as I mentioned earlier, young Dustin Hoffman is really growing on me. I definitely enjoyed this movie, though I don’t know if I’d watch it again simply because I feel like I got everything out of it in one viewing. And it is two hours of people talking. Just saying.

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