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#97 – 365 Photo Challenge

August 3, 2011

Complete! This was pretty hard. I fudged a little during certain months, when I was just too too busy (like December — holidays plus small business plus regular life = lots of ornament photos), but this goal definitely made me more aware of my surroundings, made me more likely to take a pretty photo on a hike or just driving around that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I also like that it’s kind of a little visual diary; for example, I remember now that I was sick on October 12 last year because I took a photo of the pretty teal Tylenol Cold pills and I remember we had dinner with friends on November 5 because I took a photo of the cookies I made. And though I took lots of crappy photos with my cell phone,  I also ended up with some really great images! Here is a link to the whole project, and here are my favorites:

July 2010

At the National Zoo in DC

August 2010

Pine needles in the rain

August 2010


September 2010

Evening at the beach

October 2010

At Linvilla Orchards

October 2010

Caught in the rain

November 2010

Christmas Pickle

December 2010

Toys for Toys for Tots

January 2011

Snowy morning

February 2011

Valentine's cupcake

February 2011

Sunset in Valley Forge

March 2011

Top of the Rock in NYC

April 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean

April 2011

I think my #1 favorite of the year -- before a spring storm

May 2011

My handsome boy

June 2011

My other handsome boy

June 2011

Franklin Square

July 2011

We the People of the United States...

I think we can conclude that I like close-ups and tree branches! Some I picked for memories, some I picked for composition, but I love them all, and this was a very successful goal completed!


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