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Infatuations: Summer 2011

June 22, 2011
Obsessions: Summer 2011
Infatuations: Summer 2011 by kayemgi* 
Just a few things I’m totally in love with so far this summer:
  • Gap vintage style tees. That’s what they are called in the store, for some reason online they have a different name, but these look the same as what I have. I have three of the v-necks and one scoop, and they are so soft and comfortable, loose without looking sloppy, versatile and classic. Every few years Gap really hits it with a tee that I’ll wear until it falls apart and then lament that I didn’t buy more. This is that tee and I’ve finally learned my lesson, which is why I have four of them! (Note: Just realized mine don’t have shirred sleeves. Maybe the v-necks are only in-store? It’s worth a trip to check it out.)
  • Summer movies. This has been a great movie summer so far, one of the best in recent memory. And we still have Captain America, Harry Potter and Crazy, Stupid, Love to look forward to! Ok, maybe just me on that last one, but the bf can spot me one girly movie per summer. : )
  • Our foster kittens. I’m really going to miss them so much! They are officially up on Petfinder. I hope they find good homes so it’s an easy thing to give them up. I don’t know if I could do it if the people seemed iffy at all. Keep your fingers crossed, for me and for them!
  • ELF Custom Eyes. First ELF is amazing. Not for every piece of makeup, but for most things they are pretty great. Pretty much everything is under $5, and you can get it at Target. This custom eye shadow compact is my new favorite, I love that I can choose what colors I want.
  • Paint colors! I’m buried in swatches at home. But I already posted about that yesterday.
  • Yoplait Light. Yogurt is my go-to breakfast in the summer. Berry flavors usually have fruit chunks in them, which makes me ralph, and the dessert flavors are weird (Really? Red Velvet yogurt? This has gone too far.). Boston Cream Pie is the only one where the yogurty texture makes sense. So I stick to that one, and then lemon, lime, banana, or I get honey flavored Greek yogurt. Yum!
  • Gin Fizzes/Rickeys. I’ve always liked gin, but I’m especially feeling it this summer. I like it with some lime juice and club soda, and depending on my mood a little simple syrup (which makes the difference between a fizz and a rickey).  So easy and a very refreshing summer cocktail!
  • Adele – 21. Love this album, can’t stop listening to it.
  • Essie Trophy Wife or Sally Hansen Hard As Nails The Real Teal. I’m just loving this dramatic peacock color, probably because I’ve been obsessed with painting our bedroom close to this color for months now. It’s so dramatic!
  • My skinny gold band ring. I bought it cheap in a set of three stacker rings at Claire’s or someplace, and I just wear one on the middle finger of my right hand. Lately I feel naked without it. It’s so simple and just a pretty and low-key accent piece.

What are you loving this summer?

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