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House Inspiration

June 21, 2011

Trying to come up with colors to paint ten different rooms is really hard. Part of my brain says, “You’re being ridiculous, just worry about one room at a time!” But I really want the house to feel connected, and I don’t want to paint one room kelly green and another room butter yellow, because I love those two colors separately, but then feel completely disjointed walking from room to room. Enter two of my favorite online resources, Pinterest, for inspiration, and kuler, for creating color palettes.

I’ve been pinning for awhile now, so I went there to take a look at what I seem to be drawn to. The answer is cool, beachy colors. Here are some of my absolute favorite finds:

Source: via Kayemgi on Pinterest

Source: via Kayemgi on Pinterest

Source: via Kayemgi on Pinterest

Source: via Kayemgi on Pinterest

Source: via Kayemgi on Pinterest




And from these I went on to choose an overall color palette with main and accent colors that I can use for every room in the house, without being overwhelmed by choices!

Main colors for wall, with white being the overall accent for trim, doors and ceilings, tying everything together.

Bright accent colors, for things like pillows, knick-knacks, and art.

And dark accent colors, for furniture (I favor dark wood) and accent painting (I love the bookcase above with dark back panels).

I’m thinking about using that peacock blue-green color as our bedroom color (it’s looking a little darker on screen than the paint would be) as I like a dramatic bedroom, and perhaps the steel gray for the bathroom, since the white tile, tub, sink, and toilet would offset the dark color quite a bit. Still not settled on everything, but I feel a whole lot better having narrowed down my options!

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  1. June 21, 2011 3:38 pm

    I know I have some excess comma use in this post, but absolutely nothing can make me go in and edit it after all the trouble I had getting the images, captions and links to layout correctly. Sorry!


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