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#14 – Week Fifty

June 17, 2011

Five fiery reasons to be alive this week:

  1. Two more weeks and I will have completed a full year of finding things to be grateful for every week. I feel like that’s pretty amazing and I’m so proud of myself for not flaking out on this even once.
  2. We went to Phils game on Wednesday and they killed the Marlins. Game was over in the third inning, but it’s always nice to see them win, and to hang out with friends in the ballpark. And get a helmet sundae of course!
  3. After the game we played mini golf in Franklin Square, and it was so cute! I’d never been before, and there’s lots to say — I’ll probably do a separate post on this later, since it falls under my do-everything-Philly list item.
  4. Our friends had their baby this morning! I’m so so happy for them and I can’t wait to meet their beautiful little girl, who took her time getting here but came just in time for Father’s Day. Isn’t she clever!
  5. Speaking of Father’s day, we’re headed down to DE to hang out with my dad tonight. I’m looking forward to some cocktails and cards, and I’m very excited to give him his gifts!
Happy weekend everyone!
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