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#14 – Week Forty-nine

June 10, 2011

Five flavorful reasons to be alive this week:

  1. We’re going to Fork for dinner tonight! I’m so excited! This is one of the restaurants that’s a Philly mainstay and up til now it’s been too expensive to try. But we have a gift certificate that should cover the whole meal and I really can’t wait. I hope it’s as delicious as I’ve heard!
  2. I redid my twitter profile design and I loooove it! It’s a silly little thing but I haven’t changed my profile since I joined and it makes me happy to see the fresh design there.
  3. Last night I tried out a new drink recipe, found here, suggested by my friend Gina, and it was delicious. Cucumbers in beverages always make me happy.
  4. Right after preparing that tasty beverage last night, I poured it into a plastic cup and headed out to the pool, sat on the step submerged up to my neck and sipped and chatted with the bf until a storm came rolling in, which just made me happier because I love summer storms. I wish I could end every work day in that exact way.
  5. I got something up on the blog four out of five weekdays this week. That always makes me feel pretty good. Yay! Have a great weekend everyone!
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