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#14 – Week Forty-seven

May 27, 2011

Not OCMD, but one of my fave beach photos

Five felicific reasons to be alive this week:

  1. I’m at the beach! Right now! Actually, right now, I’m probably still sleeping in our room, but very soon I will be getting up and heading to the beach. We’re in Ocean City, Maryland at the invitation of my dad, who got a house for the week (ending today). I love OCMD and I never get to go now that I live in PA. It’s just too far unless you can stay overnight, and we don’t really have the budget for overnight stays at the beach. Yay for a free place to stay! (Burglers, I must insist you watch out for our two pet-sitters and we are arriving home sometime today at an undisclosed time. Beware!)
  2. I started a Tumblr ( I signed up for it ages ago) and finally decided how to use it. It will be All I Wanna Do in real time (aka, All I’m Doing). I’m looking forward to testing it out (in fact, I may have already by the time this is posted) and seeing how it goes. It’s my plan for keeping motivated to take photos after I’m finished the 365 project.
  3. In five short weeks I’ll be done with weekly happiness posting. At least I’ll be crossing it off the list. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year already. I haven’t decided if I’ll stop doing it weekly or not, but I’ll definitely be doing it from time to time in any case.
  4. This was such a short work week for me and I always love that. Only three days of work, took one vacation day Thursday for the beach and office is closed Friday and Monday for a five day weekend. These are rare and I treasure them!
  5. My annual Memorial Day BBQ with my college friends is Sunday. I look forward to it every year and this  year is no different. The older we get, the busier we get and it’s harder to see one another on a weekly basis like we used to. I’m excited to see everyone and catch up!

    Valley Forge National Historical Park, where we have our BBQ and also one of my favorite places

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