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#65 – Life So Far

May 2, 2011

These are some of the things I’ve done that are interesting experiences, or things that I’m proud of; things I see on other people’s 101 and Life Lists. Things that are awesome!

  1. White-water rafting
  2. Toured the Coliseum in Rome
  3. Climbed a waterfall in Jamaica
  4. Hiked a rainforest in Puerto Rico
  5. Played with dolphins in the Bahamas
  6. Seen the Grand Canyon at sunset
  7. Gambled in every major casino in Las Vegas
  8. Eaten barbecue in Nashville, jambalaya in New Orleans, seafood in New England (Boston), rattlesnake at the Rankokus Indian Reservation
  9. Cheered at a rodeo
  10. Whale watching in Cape Cod – and actually saw whales
  11. Visited the Vatican and seen the Sistine Chapel
  12. Visited Pompeii
  13. Worked for charity
  14. Had a job I love
  15. Seen a show on Broadway – Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Grease, Jekyll & Hyde, Cabaret, Wicked
  16. Karaoke’d in front of a crowd
  17. Attended two major concert festivals – Lillith Fair & Live 8 Philadelphia
  18. Traveled solo
  19. Taken a road trip with friends across the country – from San Francisco to Philadelphia, hitting Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Albuquerque, Roswell, Bottemless Lakes, Austin, Houston, New Orleans and Nashville on the way.
  20. Attended home games for all four major professional teams in Philadelphia — Flyers, Phillies, Eagles and Sixers
  21. Zip-lined
  22. Ridden a horse on the beach
  23. Graduated college, and even got one of those little latin subtitles after my name (the least impressive one, cum laude, but still!)
  24. Started this blog
  25. Been thanked publicly at a building dedication (Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens)
  26. Mailed Christmas cards to my friends and family every year since I’ve been living on my own
  27. Been a home owner
  28. Was a girl scout for ten years and then volunteered as an assistant leader as an adult
  29. Sold something I made with my own two hands
  30. Fallen in love
  31. Slept outside with no tent, only a sleeping bag
  32. Been camping with friends and cooked and laughed over the campfire
  33. Owned my car
  34. Seen my design on a billboard on a major highway
  35. Had my palm read
  36. Adopted a pet (3!)
  37. Changed my own tire
  38. Gone on a cruise
  39. Been friends with a band and traveled to shows with them (not a famous band but still so much fun)
  40. Met a celebrity (John Ritter and Big Boi when I was in college, Tim Gunn last year)
  41. Won a prize at a carnival game
  42. Made a major purchase with all my own money (my macbook)
  43. Seen an opera (Aida)
  44. Fired a gun
  45. Attended a black tie event (Villanova University’s College of Engineering 100th Anniversary Gala)
  46.  Seen my two favorite bands in concert (Counting Crows & Third Eye Blind)
  47. Visited Disney World
  48. Finished a crossword puzzle by myself
  49. Purchased a piece of original art
  50. Climbed the Statue of Liberty
  51. Read Crime and Punishment, Pride and Prejudice, Lord of the Rings, Catcher and the Rye, and many, many other books
  52. Donated to charity
  53. Donated blood
  54. Cheered on friends at their first marathons (Lauren & Erin)
  55. Maintained a lifelong friendship, knowing that we will always be there for each other
  56. Hosted my friends at an annual Christmas party at my place
  57. Learned CPR
  58. Voted
  59. Laughed uncontrollably
  60. Created a recipe that was delicious (my mini meatloaf)
  61. Participated in competitive sports
  62. Figured out how to play a (rough and simple) song on the piano just from listening to it over and over
  63. Made needed repairs and updates to my home all by myself
  64. Given a car full of stuff to Goodwill
  65. Built a snowman
  66. Had a personal movie marathon at a movie theater
  67. Read Shakespeare
  68. Danced all night
  69. Studied all night
  70. Slept all day
  71. Spent all day in bed watching movies
  72. Gotten a hole in one in miniature golf
  73. Written a poem
  74. Spent all day having a barbecue with friends
  75. Made pasta from scratch
  76. Made pizza from scratch
  77. Had a song written about me (by Raven, who wrote it and sang it to me on my last day of work at Outback)
  78. Learned a foreign language
  79. Read The Little Prince in french
  80. Visited Rome and toured the city with an insider, eating tons of the most delicious panini, pasta and gelato I’ve ever had along the way
  81. Given a heartfelt eulogy
  82. Dressed up for Halloween every year of my life (through 2010)
  83. Done almost all the touristy things in NYC, including Fifth Avenue, the Park, the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock, Times Square, the Village and most of the museums
  84. Seen my grandfather’s name and military history in the computers at the WWII monument in DC
  85. Lived and worked in Philadelphia city proper for five years
  86. Gotten to know my home city and surrounding area really well and decided that this is where I want to be for the rest of my life
  87. Had a great college experience that included crazy parties, lots of friends and a ton of hard work
  88. Been asked and accepted to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of dear friends
  89. Participated in a charity walk
  90. Played golf with my dad
  91. Worked really hard to lose a significant amount of weight
  92. Painted and decorated my entire apartment exactly how I wanted
  93. Vacationed in a house in Cape Cod where you stepped out the back door onto the sand of your own private beach
  94. Sent a hand-written letter to my grandfather to tell him how proud I am of him and his service to our country and how much I love him
  95. Colored my hair every (natural-ish) color possible and finally decided it looks best as it is and left it alone
  96. Snuck into a movie
  97. Planned, cooked and baked an entire holiday meal for my family
  98. Gone out to eat in a restaurant and gone to the movies alone and enjoyed both
  99. Built a snow fort and had a snowball fight
  100. Gone to see a local play because a friend was in it
  101. Made it through some tough times with a sunnier outlook on life
  102. Finished this list and felt pretty proud of myself!

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