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#14 – Week Forty-Three

April 29, 2011

Five first-rate reasons to be alive this week:

  1. I got to cook dinner every night this week because the bf had a special section at work and got to work days. I love cooking a meal that we can sit down and eat together. And, I figured out a recipe for sweet potatoes that the bf will actually eat. Win!
  2. Major progress was made on the new old house this week — the soggy and sagging back addition was ripped down to make way for a nice new deck. And beautiful days like today will be perfect to enjoy out there next year!
  3. Just as I finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett, I saw online that not only is it being turned into a movie, but it’s done! The trailer is up and I’m excited to see the best book I’ve read in awhile on the big screen when it comes out.
  4. We’ll be headed out on date night tonight, and I’m really looking forward to seeing Scream 4. I know, I know, but I feel like I grew up on that series of movies and I just can’t resist going to see the latest one. I think Scream  was the first movie I went to see twice in the theater, followed quickly by Titanic the following year.
  5. I started packing up the apartment. Most people hate it but I love packing and unpacking. It’s like crossing items off of a list, one box at a time. It’s the same weird joy I get from throwing things in the garbage or donating them to Goodwill. I can’t explain it, I just love it!
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