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#14 – Week Forty-One

April 15, 2011

We had such a great vacation! I’m so lucky that my grandparents not only live in a vacation-worthy location, but that they are nice enough to let us stay with them however long we want and spend time with us but also let us do our own thing. It’s awesome. Five reasons to be alive this week are super easy:

  1. Disney was great, of course, and even though we did have a few issues (too hot, spent too long at the parks, didn’t drink enough water), the bf is still on board with going back. Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios will be on tap for next time!
  2. We got to see rehabbing manatees at Epcot, which was definitely the highlight of the trip.
  3. We went to St. Augustine Alligator Farm and not only got to see a feeding demonstration that was pretty cool, but they had alligator pellets there that you could buy and feed them yourself. It was awesome!
  4. We had beautiful weather all week. It’s going to be tough to go back to jeans and regular shoes from shorts and flip-flops.
  5. The only reason I’m willingly leaving Florida is because we have two adorable kitties waiting for us at home. One of the little-touted bonuses of having pets; they make you feel more ok with vacation being over!
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