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#98 – Change the List!

March 8, 2011

In honor of #98 (allow myself the freedom to change and update things on the 101 list), and my recent purging frenzy, I’m making a few changes in light of recent developments. And with about two years left to go, it feels like a good time to make some edits.

Since we’re now saving money for a mortgage and repairs/renovations to a house that we weren’t planning on buying when I started this list, I’m eliminating some of the more expensive items from the list. These include #12 (visit San Diego), #20 (more horseback riding), #25 (visit Chicago), and #86 (take a hot air balloon ride). I just have to say that I had NO IDEA how expensive hot air balloon rides are…this is a huge deal, not a fun weekend activity like I thought when I added it!

I won’t be completely eliminating these things from my goals, just moving them to a future 101 list, where they may be more possible to actually do. As I said when I started this, the goal is to have fun, not to make myself crazy or poor trying to do things that aren’t possible for me at this moment in time.

In a related effort to not make myself crazy, I’m reducing the number of books I’m trying to read from Time’s list from 20 to 10 (#13). I think 20 was definitely a little over ambitious!

I’m also replacing a few that I just realize aren’t going to happen or I don’t want to happen any longer, including: #8 (get serious about saving money) because it’s essentially the same as #11 (pay off my debt) and therefore feels kinda like cheating. #17 (tell friends what makes me think of them with a smile): While this sounds nice, guess what? It’s creepy. Because I think of my regular friends on a regular basis, and when I think of a friend and smile it’s usually in a nostalgic way because a song came on the radio, or I see a movie that reminds me of them and it’s just weird to email that person and be like, “Hey we haven’t talked in eight years but that song we used to sing along to at work came on the radio today and I thought of you!” So yeah, I think it’s best for everyone if I just keep those thoughts to myself. #30 (find a poem that moves me): I’ve looked around a bit and learned I’m just not into poetry and this is probably never going to happen. #54 (use our balcony in nice weather): I realized we don’t do this because if the weather is nice, we prefer to go do something more active than sit on the balcony, like go for a hike. No big loss on this one. And #65 (change my primary care physician): I thought this was something I had to do because of distance, but I really like my current doctor and I don’t mind driving the hour to see her if I need to. I think I’ll be sticking with her until she retires and then I’ll worry about finding a new doctor that I like.

To take the place of those that I’m delaying or removing, I’m adding:

  • New #8: Complete the A-Z travel challenge
  • New #12: Shoot more video
  • New #17: Get a bat house and hang it in view of one of my windows (I think bats are So Neat and it would be awesome to provide them a habitat and get to see them every night in the summer.)
  • New #20: Get a digital SLR (expensive, yes, but a one time cost. And one that can be buffered by buying refurbished instead of new. Suggestions welcome!)
  • New #25: Trace my family tree
  • New #30: Get video of my grandfather talking about his experiences in WWII so I can show it to my kids someday and they will know what an amazing man he is
  • New #54: Write all of my recipes on matching index cards
  • New #65: Write a list of 101 things I’ve already achieved
  • New #86: Cook or bake 50 new-to-me recipes

It feels refreshing to have a few new things on the list. I can’t wait to get started (again)!

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  1. March 8, 2011 3:10 pm

    1. The bat has creeps me out more than smiling at friends! lol.
    2. I’ll help you write recipes on recipe cards
    3. I’ll help you cook and bake new things!
    4. What’s the A-Z travel challenge?
    5. I think everyone should write a list of 101 things we’ve already achieved. We never think of our achievements, only what we still need to do. This is a nice idea!

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