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Merge Purge

March 7, 2011

In preparation to move in the fall and sell the place we have now, I’ve been going through the apartment for Goodwill donations.

This is the pile of stuff I’ve so far amassed to give away, the purge I should have done when the bf moved in and our stuff merged together. It’s startling to see, knowing that our walk-in bedroom closet is still completely full (not stuffed, but definitely full). Where was all of this stuff fitting before?! And this pile is solely representative of the bedroom closet and small bathroom closet. I still have to go through our giant hallway closet and “office” (aka storage space). But it’s pretty awesome to go into the closet and have all of our shoes on the shoe racks and none on the floor, and to be able to use the hooks on the wall only for my scarves and not for an abundance of purses that I never use, and to open the door of the bathroom closet and be able to find the new floss I’m looking for, instead of buying a new one because I can’t find any even though it’s in there. Another thing I’ve noticed that I do — if it’s on sale and I use it regularly, I buy it. So I have about six bottles of body lotion (among other things) right now. New resolution: Not buying replacement toiletries until we’re close to the bottom of the old one!!

Prior to this giant purge, (and somewhat inspiring the purge) I crossed something off the list: #74 – Keep the house “Mom clean” for a month. To me, Mom clean means that a visitor could call from 20 minutes away and I’d be cool with how the house looks. It means there isn’t an abundance of stuff laying about, shoes go in the closet after being worn, laundry gets folded and the bathroom and kitchen stay clean. And since we are moving to an 82-year-old house with 12 rooms, I knew I had better cross this one off while we were still in the apartment!

I also spent a lovely day with my cousins on Saturday (#61). It was great to see them, to play with the little ones and chat with the adults. And I got to come home with this adorable pig, drawn especially for me!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Beth permalink
    March 7, 2011 1:10 pm

    We loved your visit too. So glad you came. I will post a picture I took of the girls the next morning, both playing with their pinwheels. Kelly really loves hers. Hugs…Beth


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