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#14 – Week Thirty-four

February 25, 2011

From my trip to Epcot in 2009

I’ve been spending all week reading and researching for our trip to Florida and Disney in April. We will only be at Disney for two days, but that’s why we want to be the most efficient and see the most awesome stuff — hence all the research! I never really got the people who are Disney crazy because I always just visited and followed the sidewalk to the rides and had a great time and definitely experienced the magic but I never really noticed all the small details that exist at Disney to really put it above and beyond a regular theme park. There’s so much! And so much more than just the four them parks — there are two water parks, the Wide World of Sports, Downtown Disney, 26 resorts that all have their own special things to do, six golf courses and two mini golf courses. I can totally see how people want to go for every vacation now. So, here are five fascinating Disney reasons to be alive this week:

  1. Walt Disney chose red for the sidewalks because he wanted to roll out the “red carpet” for every Disney guest. There are also no VIPs at Disney, because they consider everyone a Very Individual Person. They instead give celebrities and Disney executives a P for Priority when necessary.
  2. The shutters on the buildings in Liberty Square all hang at a slight angle because during the Revolutionary War colonists removed the metal hinges to melt down for bullets and replaced them with leather straps, which eventually stretched out causing the shutters to hang crooked.
  3. There are hidden Mickeys all over the entire resort — these are Mickeys that are not intended to be obvious or seen right away — they blend in with the scenery so it’s a nice surprise when one is found! One example is in “it’s a small world” there are purple vines hanging above the giraffes. The leaves on the vines are Mickeys!
  4. In the New York streetscape in Hollywood Studios, there is a lamppost with the umbrella from Singing in the Rain attached to it. If you step on the black square embedded in the concrete beneath the umbrella, it will “rain” for an awesome photo op!
  5. Jane Goodall came to visit Disney and Michael Eisner gave her a special tour of Animal Kingdom as it was being built. They were currently carving the animals into the Tree of Life, so she got to pick a spot for a chimpanzee. She chose a spot near the entrance to another attraction (It’s Tough to be a Bug) so he would be seen all the time and she specially requested them to use the likeness of one of the first chimps she worked with, “David Greybeard.” He is one of the most detailed sculptures in the tree and the only one that has color incorporated into the sculpture and his own plaque.

Don’t you want to go to Disney now? You should join us there…in only 44 days!

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