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Fun Fun Fun!

February 15, 2011

We agreed on no presents for Valentine’s Day and decided to just treat ourselves to a nice dinner out instead. The bf volunteered with no coercing to wear a tie, and that alone made my night. We went to Tango in Bryn Mawr and it was great. The service felt a little rushed, but I think that’s just because I expected it to be a long meal, it was certainly no fault of the restaurant’s. And the food was delicious. We started with the mexican chicken spring rolls. then the bf tried swordfish for the first time and he loved it… always good when you take a chance on a new food! I had scallops on asparagus risotto. I always try to go for the menu item I’m the least likely to make at home and risotto and/or seafood almost always wins. Since it was a romantic evening we got dessert (vanilla cheesecake and dulce de leche apple bread pudding) and it was just as amazing. We left stuffed but happy and finished up our night with ladies choice movie night (13 Going on 30, aka the remake of Big that you wouldn’t think is so awesome but totally is).

Side note: Look how gorgeous the tile in the bathroom was. Yes. Yes I did take a picture of tile in a restaurant bathroom.

And of course we couldn’t let the actual holiday pass without a little something! So I left this for the bf at home:

While he brought this to work for me. Isn’t he great?!

Those cupcakes are Chai Tea, Pink Champagne, Dark Chocolate Mint and Chocolate-Vanilla

I sent these to my dear friend in NYC who has a thing for gelato. She got an ice cream maker for Christmas and I knew she would love these tiny spoons! I also sent her some gelato bowls and pretty icing flowers to make it a little set.

Photo from

I sent these to two friends who are expecting their first babies this summer. They just found out the sex (a boy and a girl, future romance?!) and I wanted to send them a little something to celebrate. Getting a sweet thank you text/message from each of them absolutely made my day! Also I really love the super curly ribbon I found to adorn the packages. Everything found at Target!

We finalized our plans to visit my grandparents in Florida in April. I can’t wait to see them! We are also going to take two days and go to Disney, Epcot, and maybe Animal Kingdom if we have time. Although I’m sad this is the first year that my sister won’t be making the trip with me, the bf has never been to Disney and I’m so excited to experience it with him! I wonder if I love it so much because of childhood nostalgia or because it’s just that awesome. Now I’ll know! My favorites are the Haunted Mansion and the Presidents. And It’s a Small World. And all of Epcot. I can’t wait!

My sis and I at Disney in 2009

Last awesome thing that happened this weekend… I got the title to my car in the mail! I’m officially the owner of my car, and that’s a big step towards erasing my debt. Yay!

More proof I am indeed an adult


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