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February 7, 2011

For some reason inspiration has been slow with the new/old house so far. When I was decided on the apartment I live in now, weeks before I moved in or even had the ability to make any changes, I knew what I wanted as far as colors and the look of each room. I had a few misses (the bathroom got painted twice, and I’m not thrilled with the kitchen anymore) but I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted right away. With this house though, it’s coming much more slowly. I think part of it is that there is still so much stuff in there that it’s hard to envision our stuff in its place, and part of it is it’s so much bigger than an apartment, it’s hard to comprehend the look of all the rooms at once. I suspect we need to live there for awhile before I can really get a handle on what each space needs. But, with all that said, I did have a lightening strike of inspiration for the kitchen this morning!

It started with this print from this Etsy shop:

I love the style and the colors. Here are two views of the kitchen for reference:

I’m thinking white on the paneling, gray-blue on the cabinets (with new hardware), a darker gray on the wall that’s visible above the paneling, and red accessories for some pop. Perhaps some tan too, since the counter tops are tan and they’ll be sticking around for awhile. Like it?

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