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#14 – Week Thirty-one

February 3, 2011

Five fluky reasons to be alive this week:

  1. My dad’s birthday dinner is tomorrow, looking forward to treating him to some yummy italian — a rare occurrence!
  2. It’s possible, not definite, but possible I could finish up a big knitting project this weekend. I’m excited about that and then starting some new projects.
  3. My shopping trip last weekend was very successful and as a result I’m feeling very fashionable and non-schlubby this week. A nice change! Now if only we could get some warmer weather so I didn’t have to hide my new clothes under scarves and jackets and boots.
  4. I finally found another red wine that I love, and that’s available in Pennsylvania. And it’s cheap! Double yay!
  5. Helped out an old friend who took it upon herself to raise the money to get Faithful Friends, a no-kill pet shelter in Delaware, a new washer and dryer because their current set is on it’s last legs. I love that! When someone sees something that’s wrong and goes above and beyond to fix it, it’s just wonderful. I’m happy I got a chance to contribute!
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