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#21 – 100 Things That Make Me Happy (Items 34 – 66)

January 18, 2011

34. The smell of freshly cut grass
35. An empty beach
36. When the entire house is utterly clean
37. The Haunted Mansion ride  and the American Presidents exhibit at Disney World
38. Amusement parks
39. Bare trees covered in snow

















40. Trees in general
41. Christmas cookies
42. Steamed pork dumplings with that amazing dipping sauce that I can’t figure out the recipe for

43. Goose’s fat boy pose
44. Three Little Birds by Bob Marley
45. New make-up, especially eyeshadow
46. Wearing new clothes for the first time

47. Christmas lights
48. Burritos
49. Just thinking about doing something nice and unexpected for someone
50.Date night!

51. Baby hippos, and baby giraffes
52. Hedgehogs, goats, chickens, ponies, chipmunks, moose and reindeer
53. When a client approves the first proof
54. Coming home to a non-empty house
55. My Keurig coffee maker and the adorable k-cups
56. Getting a really good deal on something I was going to buy anyway
57. Getting that “payment received” email from Paypal
58. Trying a new wine and loooving it
59. Going to see the Phillies on a warm summer night
60. Going to see the Phillies on a cool OCTOBER night!
61. Playoff fever for any Philly team
62. My furiously happy videos
63. Microwaving cookies so they taste fresh out of the oven again
64. Getting @ replies from strangers on twitter (and from friends too!)
65. The broccoli cheddar soup/frontega chicken panini You Pick Two at Panera
66. Hyperbole and a Half


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