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#14 – Week Nineteen

November 12, 2010

Five freeform reasons to be alive this week:

  1. Date night tonight! It’s been way too long, but I love that when I emailed the bf to say, “Can we please do a date night soon?” he replied, “I was thinking the same thing, how about Friday?” Great minds think alike!
  2. I don’t want to be too specific about this one yet, but we have possibly found a new place to live, which is very, very good.
  3. I had dinner with my dad last night, and was able to do a couple of 101 things at the same time — #28 Eat at 15 local restaurants, and #69 Try 10 new fruits and vegetables — there were brussel sprouts in my meal, which I’ve never had before. I liked them! But the thing that was the best about this place was not only was it a locally owned restaurant, it also features a menu of all locally grown and produced foods! It even lists the farms that it’s featuring in the food at the top of the menu. Very cool. If you live in this area, I highly recommend you check it out — Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar.
  4. I’m in a good place to start paying off debt in 2011 (#11). I got a small raise at work, I have one more payment before I own my car — all of that extra money will go towards debt.
  5. I chatted with my grandparents yesterday, and they are doing great. My grandpa doesn’t like to share or brag or show much emotion, but yesterday he was so talkative and happy and it was wonderful. He is a WWII vet and POW survivor, and he regularly goes to local schools and talks about his experiences. The day before yesterday, he had visited a school and talked to his largest crowed yet — almost 300 kids. He was so proud of how well the kids listened to him, and he’s always amazed that kids are interested in his stories and that they ask him so many questions that he often runs out of time. After soooo many years of him refusing to talk about his experiences at all, I’m so glad that he’s finally found such fulfillment in sharing those stories with young people. The Greatest Generation may be almost gone, but their stories will live on forever through us.
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  1. December 23, 2010 10:07 am

    Ahhh, I love Harvest!! I think their menu is fabulous and I love that they list where everything is from. I was preggers when I went there, so I didn’t get a chance to try the wine or beer; maybe I’ll convince the hubby to take me there and we can try the drinks!

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