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#101 – Meet Tim Gunn

November 2, 2010

Guys. I put this on the list almost as a joke. I did not think it would happen. That’s why I put it as #101. But it did happen, and it was awesome!

First, I want to explain that I love Tim Gunn because I think he is one of the few reality television celebrities who: Has a strong expertise in what he is judging on the show; does not use the show to further his own career and/or celebrity; seems to genuinely care about the contestants and isn’t mean to them or their work for the sake of drama ratings; is also honest with the contestants, judges, and viewers about his opinions, but in a kind and respectful manner. He is just delightful, and someone I look up to as a role model.

Meeting him in person upheld all of those opinions. He was hosting a Kate Spade/Lucky Brand/Juicy Couture fashion show at the King of Prussia Mall as chief creative officer for Liz Claiborne, Inc. The crowd was huge, and I stood in line to meet him for about 90 minutes. His co-host, Leah Salak, director of marketing and special events for Liz Claiborne, held people’s bags and snapped photos for them on their personal cameras so they could have a digital copy as well as the printed copy of their photo with Tim Gunn. Can you even believe that? There was no assistant, just Leah being so nice and patient with everyone in four-inch heels no less!

So after the 90 minute fashion show and Q&A and 90 minutes in line waiting to get a photo with him, Mr. Gunn did not act tired, or rushed, or ready to leave at all. He took my hand, asked me my name, asked how I was doing, and thanked ME for standing in line for so long to meet HIM. Isn’t that wonderful? I couldn’t be happier with this celebrity experience, and I hope I get to meet him again someday in the future! Maybe he’ll remember me as the creepy girl who told him that meeting him was on her list of goals for 2010. To which he replied “Oh, aren’t you so sweet!” : )

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  1. December 22, 2010 10:00 am

    1. I’m totally in love with Tim Gunn.
    2. I’m super jealous you got to meet him, but seriously happy for you at the same tim!
    3. I’m totally in love with your sweater in this picture.

    • January 6, 2011 12:10 pm

      I’m just going to thank you for all of your comments on this one, because it’s my favorite. I love this sweater too, it’s my favorite! And I can’t wait to see Lizzy in her hat (and I need to remember to bring you the matching scarf!) hopefully soon. Double date at Harvest maybe? : )

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