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#14 – Week Twelve

September 23, 2010

Five fair reasons to be alive this week:

  1. I have homework! Fun homework, that I’m looking forward to doing, for my night photography class.
  2. Birthday parties for two lovely friends on Saturday.
  3. Maybe a baby? A close friend is verrry close to giving birth, and we cannot wait to meet the new addition to their family!
  4. Fall fashion. I got a few new pieces this week, nothing crazy but enough to make me excited for cooler weather…I’m especially excited about my new boots and my awesome new jungle green nail polish. I love it!
  5. I’m proud of myself that I’ve gotten a little lazy with the list and I haven’t freaked out. It’s supposed to be for fun, and stressing myself out over not doing something every week would be stupid…so I’m glad my brain is not doing that! We’ve been so so so so so busy lately, and continue to be busy through next weekend. After that I can start doing some more stuff!

I need to try this blue and burgundy from Go there if you're into nail color trends!

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