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Week Ten

September 9, 2010

For the week beginning September 5:

  1. Tried three new wines: Snap Dragon Cabernet, Rex Goliath Cabernet and Bully Hill Banty Red. Out of these, the Snap Dragon is one I would buy again. The Banty is a little too sweet and the Rex was a little acidic for me. The Snap Dragon was just right! (#9 & #63)
  2. Made plans to visit our friends in northern California for New Year’s. (#3)

Um yeah, that’s it. It was inevitable that my progress was going to slow down. Can’t do everything all at once!

    #14 – Five fantastic reasons to be alive this week:

    1. The bf had day hours for two days this week, and his holiday was Sunday, so I get to see him before 3 am for five out of seven nights.
    2. Got to taste the menu at a friend’s new restaurant in Manayunk, Frak’s Steaks. Everything was so yummy, especially the Kolb Salad! I can’t wait to go back.
    3. We are headed to Dover Downs on Saturday to watch the bf’s dad go around the track for his 60th birthday. What an awesome gift, and we get to be in the pit to watch!
    4. Cooler weather seems to be moving in. These are my favorite weeks of summer, when it’s mid-70s all day and low 60s at night. I’m so much more motivated to work out and be productive around the house when it’s not 90 degrees out!
    5. FOOOOOTBALLLL (and Phillies) on Sunday with tons of friends. Can’t wait!!
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