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#14 – Week Nine/Week 9 Update

September 1, 2010

Combo-ing two posts into one because really, I don’t know why I need to do two for these anyway. For the week beginning August 29, I:

  1. Cooked an enchilada dish from memory, so I’m calling #24 (learn to cook a dish by heart) in progress. I’ll have to do it a few more times before I call it completed.
  2. I made a care package…I haven’t sent it yet though. So #50 is also in progress.
  3. Bought a small fireproof and water resistant safe. This is really for things that I find sentimentally valuable and wouldn’t want to lose in a fire but still want close at hand, which is why I didn’t go with a safe deposit box. I don’t have anything that’s financially valuable except our TV and keeping that in a safe is a smidge ridiculous. And not practical at all. But you knew that. (#67)
  4. I started the home inventory. When it’s done I’ll keep it in the safe! (#72)
  5. I bought binders to start my inspiration books. I’ve been tearing out pages from magazines and printing out internet photos forever now, so it’s time to start organizing them into categories and getting them into binders. (#78)
  6. #80! We did this! It was awesome. We went out to breakfast to an establishment that has a decidedly… elderly … clientele. We also happened to have a great server, attentive and friendly but not creepily so, checked on us the right amount of times, promptly brought a whole new caddy of sugar when I used the last two regular sugars in the one on our table, and didn’t make us wait for our check. And the bf and I were talking about how it must suck to work in a place where 80% of your tables tip very little if at all, and so we decided to leave 50% instead of our standard 20% and it felt great! Do this if you can afford it.
  7. I signed up for a Night and Low Light Photography course with a friend. Very excited! (#82)
  8. Got my address book and not only transferred all of my addresses, but also input phone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, children’s names, pet names and email addresses. Whew! It was a lot to track down but I love that it’s all in one place for easy reference now. Also, I had to calculate a lot of birth years based on current ages, and…let’s just say the math strained my brain a little. It was sad. Thank goodness we’re in a year that ends with zero. (#94)

Five fabulous reasons to be alive this week:

  1. It was a tough week, but I’m grateful to have a bf, family and friends that I am sure love and support me no matter what.
  2. I have a five day weekend starting, ooh 30 minutes ago!
  3. I get to see a lot of that loving family on Sunday for my cousin’s 50th birthday party. We’re gonna have to call the fire department to supervise the lighting of the birthday candles! (Hehe love you P)
  4. Phillies games with friends on Friday, and my dad on Monday for dollar dog night!
  5. BEACH! for the next two days with dear friends J&X. Can’t wait to see them!

On a special note, happy birthday to my baby sister! She’s 25 today. She’s a beautiful, adventurous, vivacious girl who loves her big sis more than anything in the world, and really, who can blame her? : )

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