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Week 6 Update

August 11, 2010

For the week beginning August 9.

  1. Donated to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society via my friend Erin’s Team in Training page. Click if you want to help her out, she’s running a half marathon to raise money!
  2. Tried gooseberries. I found them at the farmer’s market. They are tart with a little bit of a strawberry aftertaste. They’re pretty annoying to eat because there’s a little stem and a little tail that needs to be removed. Meh on these, but the point is to try! (#69)
  3. Gave blood, and I’m crossing it off because I’m considering my fear of this overcome. I still can’t look at the needle (but really, who does?) but it went really well, I didn’t feel faint, I didn’t feel nauseous, I didn’t bruise or feel any pain, and we were there for less than an hour total, which included filling out first-timer forms, completing the questionnaire to prove I’m able to donate, actually donating and recovery time (snack table!). It was a great experience and I will totally be doing it again a the next blood drive I find after the required 56 days (why do they say 56 days? Why not just say eight weeks or two months?).  (#15)
  4. Continued uploading to my 365 Project. (#97)
  5. Continued getting fresh, local produce at the farmer’s market. This will be completed as of August 14, but I plan to continue doing it as much as possible. I enjoy the experience of the market, and there’s one close to where I work. However, I will be glad when I don’t have to be so strident about it, because the market is only open on Wednesdays and Fridays here, which can be a pain when I want some fresh broccoli on Thursday. (#39)
  6. Got my hair cut (#96)
  7. Started my list of things that make me happy. The point of this is to have something I can look at when I’m feeling bummed out and be able to say, “Hey! Why don’t I listen to some Bob Marley (#9)? He always cheers me up.” Then I can hopefully spend less time being bummed out! (#21)
  8. Continued #63 here.
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