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Week 5 Update

August 6, 2010

For the week beginning August 2, 2010. Yay for staying motivated for over a month!!

  1. Donated to Back on my Feet for my friends Tom and Jen. It’s a great charity, click through! (#6)
  2. Visited Nationals Park (#4)
  3. Visited (and learned about) the Lincoln Memorial (#56)
  4. Wore my gold flip flops to work (#57)
  5. Had quince at the tapas restaurant in DC. The way they cooked it it tasted like cranberry sauce — delicious! (Quince is apparently toxic raw.) (#69)

    Image from an article in the Baltimore Sun that I cannot find a link for...but this is exactly how our cooked quince looked. Pink and yummy!

  6. Altered my purple sundress and wore it out to dinner in DC. (#89)
  7. Continued uploading to my 365 Project (#97)
  8. Scheduled an appointment to donate blood this Sunday. I hope it goes well so it’s something I can start doing on a regular basis! (#15)
  9. Watched “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” (#1)
  10. Continued getting fresh, local produce at the farmer’s market (#39)
  11. Plan to drive somewhere dark to see the Perseid meteor shower next Thursday. (#41)
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