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Review: Cantina Taco Trio from Taco Bell

August 6, 2010

Clockwise from top: Chicken, Steak and Carnitas Cantina Tacos

Developing my Taco Bell Scale of Satisfaction really got me hungry for some Taco Bell. So I figured I may as well stick with the theme and try their new menu item, the Cantina Taco Trio, so I could review it.

Meh. I’ve never been a huge fan of corn tortillas, I find them dry and mealy, and Taco Bell hasn’t improved on the standard. The chicken and steak tacos were indistinguishable in taste, and after only a few bites I needed to add hot sauce to combat the blandness. The carnitas taco was quite a bit tastier, given that the pork has been “slow roasted” in a sauce, so it had some flavor and didn’t seem as dry as the other two.

The onion and cilantro topping was weak, but the fresh lime wedge they include with each taco did help to add a bit of freshness to the fast food. Lastly, the tacos seemed tinier compared to their regular soft tacos—three filled me up but did not make me feel overstuffed like I was afraid they would. I won’t order these again, but I do hope they keep the carnitas around for other menu items in the future.

Taco Bell Scale of Satisfaction: 1 out of 5 – A plain old Crunchy Taco.

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