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August 5, 2010

Scene: The Garber/Sweeney apartment, 4:45 am


Sleepy Human: “Pickle stop it!”

Pickle: *peaks out of litter box* Geez what is her problem? Do they think I can’t hear them complaining about the “stinky kitties” all the time? I’m just trying to cover up my poop really really well and I get yelled at. Hey! They must be up though! Time to play! *grabs noisiest toy in the entire house and brings it into the bedroom* *POUNCE!* Time to play guys! Hey! I thought you were awake. I heard you talking! Come one guys! *jinglejinglejinglejinglejingle* Goose! Get in here, it’s play time. You’re missing it! GOOOSE! *jinglejinlgejinglejinglejinglejinglejingle* Oh yay you’re getting up! Yaaay you’re going to throw my ball for me! Wheeee! *runs to get ball*

Sleepy Human: *Shuts bedroom door*

Pickle: Here I come with my jingle ball! Yaaaa…hey. WTF human? This is bullshit. Just for that, I’m going to jump on every surface I’m not supposed to and knock something off of it for you to find later. I will also hide your chapstick and pens under that piece of pealing up floor tile at the bottom of the steps.

And I will cuddle with the deeper voiced one all day and ignore you when you get home. HAHA.

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  1. August 5, 2010 10:03 am

    BAHAHAHA! So awesome 🙂 I love Pickles!!

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