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Review: Goody Spin Pins

August 4, 2010

I saw the advertising for these and I was intrigued. A product that would hold my hair in a bun all day without dozens of bobby pins or a rubber band that pulls and rips my hair out? Awesome! So the next time I went to Target for kitty litter, I threw these in the mountain of crap that had sneaked into my cart when I wasn’t looking. (I need to stop getting a cart. Target products are sneakier than other stores’; you turn your back to check out a nail polish display and suddenly there’s three $5 dvds, six useless greeting cards, a scented candle and 22 bags of Archer Farms snacks in your cart. They’re like ninjas!)

And I was disappointed. Maybe my hair is too fine for these, because the reviewers on and amazon are all thrilled with them. But they didn’t hold my hair up the way I expected from a product that claims to “do the job of 20 bobby pins!” and it certainly didn’t last all day. The hold was loose, and as the bun sagged or pieces slipped out, I had to keep taking it down and redoing the style. The package instructs you to make sure you don’t interlock the pins, but I actually got the best hold from doing just that. Or, I had to make sure both pins twisted into the hair against my scalp for a less saggy bun, and that was painful.

I’ll stick with my bobby pins, thank you! They cost about 99% less and they do the job right. And I really only use about 7 or 8 (not 20!) to hold my bun better than these spin pins. On the Taco Bell Scale of Satisfaction, these are a 2 out of 5 — as satisfying as a Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco.

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