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#57, #75, & #89

July 26, 2010

#57 - Wear the fancy shoes that fill my closet. From left to right, top to bottom: snake skin sandals, gold platforms, cow print mary janes, silver wedges, gold flip flops, black double strap mary janes, red sling backs, black t-straps, purple with gold studs, and brown platform sandals.

#75 - Use a book instead of scraps of paper for all my lists. The above scraps include lists for Halloween costume ideas, good karaoke songs, things to always pack for an overnight stay, dvds I want, things to remember to get at Costco, books I want to read and trips I want to take. In the bottom right you'll see my little notebooks to be used from now on for general lists and books I want to read. No more scraps!

#89 - Alter the cloths in my closet that need fixing. Pictured here is: a robe and two tanks with holes in them, a skirt that needs hemming, two dresses that need a fabric panel in the bodice, a shirt that needs to be taken in, a shirt that needs a button, a skirt that needs to be taken in, and towel that needs its hem fixed. Starting with holes!


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