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#71 – New Pillows!

July 21, 2010

The old pillows -- the solid ones are the ones that needed replacing.

All of the seams were ripping, on both pillows.

Pretty new purple pillows!

Can you see how the sofa cushions kind of sag in the middle? And this is after plumping for the photo! #70, I can't wait to get to you!

So I had these solid orange pillows from Pier 1 since I moved into this place, almost four years ago. I bought them to match the brown and orange pillows that came with the couch. But they really were showing their age, so I made new pillows to replace them! I’m matching the new pillows (or coordinating really) to the other set of pillows that came with the couch. Much more spring-like! I still love the brown and orange combo and it works with the room, but the purple is a refreshing change. Yay!

P.S. I made the purple pillows using fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop, which is available at JoAnn’s and is fantastic for when you need a cute calico print for cheap. They sell them pre-cut in 18 x 21″ pieces for $1.99. So I spent $8 on these two new pillows. Without the Fat Quarters, I would have had to get two yards of fabric cut, which would have been closer to $18.

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