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Week 3 Update

July 20, 2010

I started/continued a few things that aren’t worthy of their own posts because I either didn’t get photos or it’s just not very exciting. But I still need to keep track of what I’m doing so I know when I finish certain items.

  1. #1 – I watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. I enjoyed this, but didn’t have much to say about it afterwards. I’ve always liked Jimmy Stewart, but I liked It’s A Wonderful Life, Harvey and Rear Window better than this one.
  2. #6 – I donated to my friend Sara’s classroom needs via This is a great site, and if you want to check out Sara’s page, it’s here.
  3. #9 – I tried blackberry brandy over the weekend. Again, too strong for sipping but delicious in a Rum Runner.
  4. #17 – I was browsing around Martha Stewart’s website and came across a cute paper cut-out project that reminded me of my talented friend Gina and her awesome work, so I told her! I didn’t even remember this was on the list at the time, which is the whole point.
  5. #39 – I continued this one by getting goat cheese, alfalfa honey and limes at the farmers market. The first time I went I got all our lunchmeat, fruit, veggies, bread and a turkey breast and sun-dried tomato and basil chicken sausage for dinners that week. I learned that bread with no preservatives = moldy in just a few days. Bummer.
  6. #57 – I wore my brown wedge sandals to dinner with the bf on Sunday, when normally I would have just worn flip flops.
  7. #93 – I pulled out the giant New York Times Sunday crossword book I got for Christmas a few years ago and attempted a couple over the weekend. I’m out of practice, and didn’t finish any of them. It doesn’t help that the book is of puzzles from 1983 – 1998. I don’t know any of the pop culture references!

I also completed #71, but I’ll be doing a separate post on that because I have photos. No more ratty sofa cushions, yay!

Next up, I hope to visit another historical site, figure out why I like the bottle of wine I’m currently working on, and start #s 21, 38, 81 and 89.

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