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101 #1

Start Date: July 6, 2010  End Date: April 2, 2013    {Completed} {In Progress} {Not gonna happen, as of Feb 5, 2013}

  1. Watch AFI’s 100 Greatest Films {51/100}
  2. Replace the donut in the car with a real spare tire
  3. Visit Jay and Christine in California {12.29.10 – 01.04.11}
  4. Visit four ballparks I haven’t yet {Nationals Park} {Jackie Robinson Ballpark} {Walter S. Farley Stadium}
  5. Run a 5k for charity
  6. Donate to every friend who asks for their cause {I did this for a year, so I’m calling it complete. With Facebook, the donation requests get a little out of control and I can’t keep it up forever.}
  7. Adopt a dog into our family
  8. Complete the A-Z travel challenge
  9. Try 50 different kinds of alcohols/liquors/wines {50/50}
  10. Maintain a healthy weight
  11. Pay off my debt {Car, Student Loan, Credit Cards}
  12. Shoot more video
  13. Read at least 10 of Time’s 100 Greatest Novels {To the Lighthouse} {Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.} {Gone with the Wind} {The Moviegoer} {Midnight’s Children} {The Watchmen} {The Spy Who Came in from the Cold} {Beloved}
  14. List five reasons to be happy or thankful every week {07.01.11}
  15. Overcome my fear of needles to donate blood {08.08.10}
  16. Thank a teacher for the effect they’ve had on my life
  17. Get a bat house and hang it in view of one of my windows
  18. Start a blog, even if myself in 10 years is the only person to ever read it {07.07.10}
  19. Find a volunteer position I really love
  20. Get a digital SLR
  21. Identify 100 things that make me happy {Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3}
  22. Visit six zoos I haven’t yet {San Francisco ZooSt. Augustine Alligator Farm & Zoo}
  23. Wear a fancy hat at the Kentucky Derby, Belmont or Preakness
  24. Learn to cook a dish by heart
  25. Trace my family tree
  26. At least attempt to figure out what I want to do with my life
  27. Perform 20 random acts of kindness {17/20}
  28. Eat at 15 local restaurants {Harvest Seasonal Grill and Pescatore’s in Glen Mills, Seasons 52 in King of Prussia, Chow, Pyramid Ale House and Thirsty Bear in San Francisco, Tango in Bryn Mawr, McNally’s Tavern in Chestnut Hill, LaCroix at the Rittenhouse, Fork, Xochitl in Philadelphia, House in Media, The Gas Light, Italian Village and Carmen’s in Ridley Park}
  29. Take the high road when a challenge is presented {08.16.10}
  30. Get video of my grandfather talking about his experiences in WWII so I can shot it to my kids someday and they will know what an amazing man he is
  31. See ‘The Lion King’ on Broadway
  32. Use snail mail to brighten someone’s day
  33. Start a retirement fund
  34. Become more confident in my personal style
  35. Go without junk food for six weeks
  36. Photograph a landscape from the same location, capturing all four seasons
  37. Make a gingerbread house from scratch
  38. Complete five of the projects I’ve started and never finished or bought the materials for but never started {Paint apartment bathroom} {Replace apartment entry way floor} {Autumn wreath}
  39. Buy only seasonal, local produce for a month {08.14.10}
  40. Host Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner for both my family and the bf’s family {12.24.10}
  41. See a falling star
  42. Bake a pie from scratch {11.19.10}
  43. Train at least one of the kittys to do a dog-like trick {05.22.11}
  44. Grow something from seed
  45. Have a go-to outfit that makes me feel great regardless of my mood
  46. Try Ethiopian food {06.24.11}
  47. Eat a traditional Polish, Swedish or Belgian meal
  48. Take the bf camping
  49. Go apple-picking {10.08.10}, pumpkin-picking and strawberry-picking {05.21.11}
  50. Send a care package {12.08.10}
  51. Get a bicycle and use it for exercise and bonding with the bf
  52. See The Nutcracker ballet in person {12.01.12}
  53. Spend a day without technology — including my car and electricity
  54. Write all of my recipes on matching index cards
  55. Give a handmade gift {09.24.10}
  56. Visit ten historical sites and learn something while there {Edgar Allan Poe House} {Lucy the Elephant} {Lincoln Memorial} {Coit Tower & Golden Gate Park} {Ponce de Leon Lighthouse & The Casements} {Franklin Square} {Betsy Ross House, Christ Church & Elferth’s Alley}
  57. Wear the fancy shoes that fill my closet but I hardly ever wear — at least ten times per pair
  58. Knit or crochet something with a more complicated shape than “rectangle” {09.24.10}
  59. Foster an animal that needs a home {05.01.11 – Bugs & Franklin}
  60. Make a serious effort to find some of the estranged members of my extended family
  61. Spend time with my younger cousins
  62. Visit all the tourist destinations in Philadelphia that I haven’t yet
  63. Keep track of wines I’ve tried and record why I like/dislike them
  64. Document an entire (waking) day with photos (minimum one photo per hour) {07.22.10}
  65. Write a list of 101 things I’ve already achieved {05.02.11}
  66. Go without tv for a week
  67. Buy a fire- and water-proof safe and use it
  68. Photograph a series of 27 items using color as a theme
  69. Try ten new fruits and ten new vegetables {4/10 fruits} {2/10 vegetables}
  70. Rejuvenate the stuffing and fabric of the sofa
  71. Make new covers for the beat-up sofa cushions {07.19.10}
  72. Start a home inventory for insurance purposes
  73. Sell something I created {11.04.10}
  74. Keep the house “Mom clean” for a month {01.28.11 – 02.28.11}
  75. Use a book for my lists instead of random scraps of paper {07.26.10}
  76. Get over my sentimentality about books and donate those that I will never read again and will have no value to possible future children {07.24.10}
  77. Make something for myself that has the potential to become a family heirloom {vanity table, January 2013}
  78. Make an album or book for my project and design inspirations
  79. Buy someone a ‘just because’ present {07.15.10} {02.11.11}
  80. Leave a giant tip for a great server
  81. Listen to ten new, full albums — get away from only buying the hit singles {This is War – 30 Seconds to Mars, Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings – Counting Crows, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – Self Titled, Hands All Over – Maroon 5, Echoes Silence Patience & Grace and Wasted Light – Foo Fighters, Rave On Buddy Holly – Various Artists, A Very She & Him Christmas – She & Him, Lungs and Ceremonials – Florence + The Machine, Barton Hollow – The Civil Wars, The Lumineers – Self Titled, Blacklisted – Neko Case}
  82. Take a class or workshop or attend a lecture for fun {10.06.10}
  83. Plan a vacation (set dates) with just the bf — take said vacation if finances allow – Honeymoon!
  84. Start a Christmas tradition
  85. Stretch every day (defined as proper stretches, not the stretching when you wake up in the morning)
  86. Cook or bake (or shake – cocktails count!) 50 new-to-me recipes {36/50}
  87. Play chess with my dad
  88. Do some pro bono design work {07.29.11}
  89. Alter the clothes in my closet that I keep because with just a little adjustment they’d be fabulous; then wear them
  90. Do another Movie Day — pick a theme, at least four corresponding movies, and watch them in a 24 hour period {07.08.11}
  91. Become a member of a nonprofit organization or museum
  92. Walk through a corn field — in broad daylight, preferably not near Halloween, so as not to get murdered {10.15.11 @ Wynnorr Farm}
  93. Get back to doing a crossword puzzle on Sunday mornings
  94. Get a new address book and keep it updated
  95. Increase upper body strength and be able to shoot a 9mm without pulling up
  96. Try a new hairstyle
  97. Complete the 365 photo challenge {07.29.11}
  98. Allow myself the freedom and flexibility to update and/or remove items from this list if needed — no one is enforcing this but myself! {07.26.10}
  99. Make hot chocolate from actual chocolate — not an instant mix or cocoa powder {04.03.11}
  100. Update my Life List {07.26.10}
  101. Meet Tim Gunn {10.30.10}
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